Solar Hydronic Heating

When we think of solar we normally imagine panels on our roofs which are used to generate electricity. Solar hydronics, also known as solar thermal, is similar but is used to heat up water directly which can then be used to supply your hot water system or heat up your home.

How does it work?

Solar hydronic/thermal technology uses an evacuated tube collector system located on a roof. Sun shining on the solar collectors heats a special fluid within the tubes. The fluid then pumps into heat exchange coils in an insulated storage tank.
The evacuated tubes don’t require direct sunlight, which means they get more heat from the sun for longer periods of the day and makes them ideal for the colder seasons or colder climates.
As the storage tank is insulated this means the water can be stored for several days at the required temperature so you don’t have top worry about not having hot water or heating at night or on cloudy days.

The hot water can then be fed directly to your hot water system or used to heat your home via radiators or underfloor heating systems. As the water can be circulated throughout a building on a continuous basis it means hot water is always available

Solar Evacuated Tube Hydronic Heating system

Why Invest in a Solar Hydronic System?

Although the initial cost of setting up a solar hydronic heating system can be high, there are many benefits associated with it.
  • Environmentally friendly : Solar thermal is an emission free source of energy, helping you to decrease your greenhouse gas emissions
  • Cheaper to run : The energy from the sun is free, meaning the running costs of these systems are much lower than other heating systems.
  • Low maintenance : As these systems use relatively simple technology, they are less likely to breakdown and require less ongoing maintenance.
  • Consistent hot water : With the ability to continuously heat the water and then store the water at the required temperature you don’t need to worry about not having hot water or a warm room when required.

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