Trench Heating and Fan Convectors

As an alternative to radiators or underfloor heating, your hydronic system can pump heated air into your room through trench heaters in your floor or fan convectors on your walls. These systems can heat a room quickly, can be controlled to turn off when required room temperature is met, and are energy efficient.

Trench Heating

For rooms with large windows, conservatories or offices trench heating is a great option. These Mini Canals are fitted into the floor next to a window or opening. They have an energy saving, ultra fast Low-H2O element which is hidden below a grill. The grill cover can be tailored to match the flooring. The Mini Canal ensures a warm air curtain: the cold air layer from the glass and the cooler return air on the floor are drawn in, heated and mixed with the warmer upper air so a balanced and even comfort temperature is achieved.
Trench Heating Mini Canal

Fan Convectors

Fan convectors are fan-assisted heat emitters which use low temperature hot water from a heat source to heat up a heat exchanger. The fan then blows the heated air into the room to heat a space quickly and efficiently. When the room temperature reaches the set temperature, the fan convector will switch off. They can also be used to cool a room using cold water.

Galletti Art-U Fan Coil Convection Heater

A great example of a fan convector is the Galletti Art-U Fan Coil heater, which combines performance and  efficiency with great design. It is suitable for both the residential and commercial heating and cooling sectors.  The unit has a depth down to only 10cm, has low energy consumption and a modulating operation. It comes pre-installed with a controller for individual room temperature control and fan speed adjustment.

The front panel colour can be selected from over 3000 colour variations, and you can even customise with your own images and designs to make your heater a design feature of your room.

 Australian Hydronic Heating and Cooling can help you to decide if this is the right system for you based on your individual circumstances and provide a guide for installation costs and running costs.

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