Water Leak Detection Service

Suffering from a leaking tap, leaking pipes or need a leak fixed? Having difficulty finding it? Getting large water bills? Then why not use our electronic leak detector service?

Using the latest technology in water leak detection equipment we can listen to water meters, garden taps, fire services, toilet inlets, shower/bath and kitchen taps to accurately localise leak positions and provide a quick repair. We have the technology to find leaks even behind walls, under floorboards, or underground.

Finding the leak quickly and getting the problem fixed will save you both time and money. You can lose a few litres of water an hour from a slow dripping tap and thousands of litres a day from a constantly running toilet.

What causes water leaks?

  • The most obvious leaks are the ones you can see within your home, such as a dripping tap or toilet or a leaking shower area. Often we leave these leaks for a long time before getting around to fixing them but they can cause long term damage to surrounding surfaces.
  • Many Australian homes have old pipes which can develop water leaks at their joints. Temperature changes within the pipes can also cause the pipes to burst. These pipes can be underground or under floor boards and are therefore not easy to spot.
  • Australian’s love their air conditioning. But on those hot summer days when the air con is working at full capacity the draining pan can overflow before the water has evaporated which creates a water leak.
Dripping tap
Whether you have an emergency leaking pipe, a slow dripping tap, or a high water bill which you suspect may be due to a hidden leak, AJ’s Plumbing (owners of Australian Hydronic Heating and Cooling) can efficiently detect the leak using the latest technology and fix the issue for you.

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