Wood and Pellet Burner Hydronic Heating

Wood burners and pellet burners can be used as boilers to heat water for a hydronic heating system and for many homes they offer the most efficient method of central heating or providing hot water. Historically popular in Europe they are becoming increasingly popular in Sydney and across Australia, as people look for a cost effective heating system that makes use of natural resources.

Heat Pump Hydronic Heating

Wood burner boilers

Wood burner boilers are used to heat the water in the boiler which can then be transported through pipes to provide central heating via radiators, to under floor heating or to heat your home hot water.

There are a number of wood burner boilers available ranging from slow combustion wood stoves to wood hydronic boilers, each offering differing heating capacities and functionality.

Hydronic Wood Burner Types

  • Wood Stoves/heaters – There are a range of wood stoves or heaters are available with large hot water boilers and these are designed to be installed in your living room. They provide radiant heat as well as hydronic heating via radiators, under floor systems or hot water systems.
  • Wood Hydronic Boilers – these are much larger than your traditional wood stove and are in utility rooms or in the garage. They have high heat outputs and big fireboxes which you can fill up once and leave. They are very efficient and get the best performance for the least amount of wood used.
The hydro wood fired hydronic bolier, supplied by Hunt Heating, requires no mains electricity and minimizes fuel consumption. It is built from thick carbon steel and comes in three different sizes.

Australian Hydronic Heating and Cooling have experience in installing all types of hydronic heating wood burners and can help guide you on the best system to suit your needs. Each wood boiler offers different heating capacity and it is important that you understand what your exact heating requirements are and how these can be met with the appropriate boiler.

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Wood fired hydronic boiler
Hydro wood fired hydronic boiler
Pellet burning stove heater
Pellet burning stove heater

Pellet Heaters

Pellet heating is a heating system, in which wood pellets (small pellets from wood chips and sawdust) are combusted. It offers a popular alternative to firewood combustion heaters which may not be suitable for every household.
Rather than burning chunks of wood, a pellet stove burns small wood pellets, which burn efficiently because they are so dense. A small flame is visible in the centre of the unit, which provides a room with a warm and cosy glow similar to a wood fire. The pellets used offer a sustainable alternative to cutting down trees as they are made from recycled sawdust.

Benefits of pellet heaters

Some of the advantages of a pellet heater over a traditional firewood heater are as follows:

  • they burn much more efficiently than firewood
  • lower emissions compared to firewood
  • good for environment as they’re made from recycled biomass
  • convenient 15Kg bags that are easy to carry and store
  • no chopping firewood
  • you don’t need fire-lighters, newspaper or matches, at the flick of a switch they are ready to go. You can even set it to start automatically
  • pellet stoves take up much less space
  • minimal to no smoke
  • low ash
  • asthma friendly alternative to wood heating.

Pellet burners providing Hydronic heating and hot water

Many brands pf pellet heaters can be used as boilers to provide hydronic heating and hot water. Unlike many hydronic boilers these pellet burners do not need to be located outside or in a utility room because the pellet burner is a heating feature which can be located in the living room providing warmth and ambiance.

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