Wood Heaters

Wood heaters can not only be used to heat your home, they can also be used as boilers to heat water for a hydronic heating system and for many homes they offer the most efficient method of central heating or providing hot water. Historically popular in Europe they are becoming increasingly popular  across Australia, as people look for a cost effective heating system that makes use of natural resources.

Wood burners can operate as convection heaters – sucking in the air from the room, heating it up and blowing it back out – which are perfect for a large room, or as radiant heaters – heat people and things in a room directly – which are more suited to smaller rooms. They can be the centerpiece of the room, as a free standing or inbuilt feature, or be placed in a back room or laundry/garage where their primary function is to act as a boiler for hot water.

Wiseliving Christo Wood Heaters

Wiseliving Christo Wood Heaters

4 Different Models The Wiseliving Christo range of wood heaters has the potential to provide the highest heat output of…

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