Hurlcon Condensing Gas Boilers

Hurlcon Condensing Gas Boiler

5 Different Models

Hurlcon Hydronic Heating offer a range of condensing boilers to suit every hydronic heating need whether it’s domestic or commercial central heating. From the Beretta Meteo Green Pre-Mix high efficiency condensing boiler for the domestic hydronic market, to the Beretta Power Plus Pre-Mix high efficiency condensing boilers range from 50 – 400kW’s for large hydronic domestic and light commercial installations. See below for more details on each model.

The Beretta Power Plus Box 500 offers another flexible option with stand alone and cascade units up to 3 MW total power in the medium to large commercial hydronic applications, or the Lamborghini Futuria Power pre-mix high efficiency condensing modules ranging from 75 – 1160kW’s.

  • Beretta Meteo Green Pre-Mix: Save on gas and electricity running costs with this state-of-the-art condensing boiler’s impeccable green credentials. Supplied with an energy saving modulating pump, a programmable wall thermostat and outdoor sensor.
  • Beretta Ciao Green: A wall hung condensing boiler which can reduce running costs by up to 35% compared to a conventional boiler.
  • Beretta Power Plus Pre-Mix Condensing Boilers Light Commercial: Can contain one or two 50kw boiler units connected to the water and gas system in parallel.. The system ensures the highest efficiency under any running conditions. Installations can be tailored to meet the space requirements, with three different configurations available..
  • Beretta Power Plus Condensing HE 500 Series Box: Up to 60 combustion units can be cascaded to reach up to 3MW of power. The Power Plus Box is more reliable than a traditional individual boiler as each unit of the box can be individually serviced.
  • Lamborghini Futuria Condensing Boilers: Can be installed as a standalone unit or in a cascade, indoor or outdoor. The Futuria Power condensing modules offer a very small footprint and complete flexibility for all Plant Rooms and other installation requirements.

If you are interested in any of these products, Australian Hydronic Heating and Cooling can source and install for you. Just give us a call or send us a message online.