Baxi Auriga Heat Pump

Baxi Auriga Heat Pump

9kW and 16kW Output Models

The BAXI Auriga range of air-to-water monobloc heat pumps provide a sustainable and environment-friendly heating solution. Ideal for under floor heating and integration to solar power systems.

Both 9kW and 16kW models feature simple single unit installation
and high static pressure water pumps
maintaining head pressure at higher
than 50kPa, allowing installation in large
residential applications covering greater
distances with no drop in pressure.

  • 9kW and 16kW models to suit required output
  • System can invert to provide cooling capability
  • Ideal for integration with solar systems
  • High energy efficiency rated A++ at 35°C, A++ at 55°C
  • Advanced remote control panel with holiday, eco and silent modes
  • Smart defrost with continuous monitoring of air temperature, refrigerant temperature and water temperature
  • DC inverter compressor with wide modulation range

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