Evo Hot Water Heat Pumps

Evo 150-1, Evo 270-1, Evo 315-C

The Evo heat pumps come equipped with advanced energy efficiency technologies and built in smart features to ensure you’re provided with clean, safe, and economical hot water all year round.

The Evo heat pumps range from the compact Evo 150-1 for smaller households, the Evo 270-1 ideal for larger households or smaller commercial applications, through to the Evo 315-C ideal for commercial applications such as hotels, restaurants and retail outlets.

  • Energy efficient, saving you up to 75% on your hot water bills
  • Intelligent control with built-in timers
  • Hydro power booster means a continuous stream of hot water up to 60°C
  • Easy installation and compact footprint
  • Quiet operation
  • Blue diamond enamel coated tank
  • Works with solar PV
  • Stable, continuous flow
  • Vacation mode saves on energy and allows you to reactive on a specific date

If you are interested in any of these products, Australian Hydronic Heating and Cooling can source and install for you. Just give us a call or send us a message online.