Wiseliving R32Hydronic Heat Pump

Wiseliving R32 Hydronic Heat Pump

12kW and 23kW Output Models

The Wiseliving R32 Hydronic Heat Pump combines the latest technology to provide you with higher efficiency home heating, cooling and domestic hot water. It is corrosion and UV resistant and built to weather the harshest conditions, ensuring a long and unblemished service life.

Using the R32 refrigerant, it has significantly lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) compared to other types of refrigerants commonly used today.

  • Quiet operation (under 50dB)
  • 70% lower GWP CO2 emissions
  • Can also provide dometic hot water needs when installed with a Wiseliving CentraCoil tank
  • Includes a Smart DTU Connection module to manage your heating system via the Warmlink app
  • Optimum performance at subzero temperatures
  • Finished with a premium matte black ABS material casing

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