Wiseliving Christo Wood Heaters

Wiseliving Christo Wood Heaters

4 Different Models

The Wiseliving Christo range of wood heaters has the potential to provide the highest heat output of any wood burning heater and can warm up to 400 sqm of living area. With its large capacity firebox it allows for extended burn time between refueling.

The Christo range can have single or double doors (for use between two rooms), can be in-built or freestanding (using the freestanding firebox), and can even be used to heat domestic hot water. View the range of wood heaters below.

  • Christo Grand Heat: Inbuilt, high capacity wood-fired heater. Can warm up to 400 sqm living area. Optional slide up door and controlled fan unit.
  • Christo Freestanding Firebox: Allows for all Christo units to be installed without the need for a purpose built enclosure, which can save on installation costs.
  • Christo Duo: A double-sided wood heater can be installed between two rooms or an outside wall facing onto an alfresco deck. Can be fitted with a single action door on both sides.
  • Christo Hot Water The unit can be fitted withn a stainless steel 5kW or 8kW hot water jacket to supply domestic hot water and and small hydronic radiator.

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